Printing & Exporting

Markdown, ZIP, JSON or PDF

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Quickly take your information out of Supernotes for printing, further long-form editing or data processing. We have a wide array of export options available:

  • Print as PDF

  • Single Markdown File

  • Zip of Markdown Files

  • Raw JSON File

  • API

Printing / Saving as PDF

It's easy to export your notes on the current page just click on the Noteboard options, and then in the dropdown select 'Print / Save as PDF' (Desktop and Web app only).

If you print a card open in the Noteboard, a cover page will be added with details of the parent card, followed by the child cards, like in the example below:

To print more quickly, you can use the keyboard command, [Cmd / Ctrl] + [P].

Export as Markdown or JSON

You can find the Export options, in the Noteboard options menu, in the top left of the Noteboard:

As a single Markdown file

You can quickly save all of the cards you are viewing as a single markdown file. If you are currently within a parent card, the parent card will be added to the top of the markdown file export; separated from the children by a horizontal rule. Or if you are within home all of your cards will be exported.

As ZIP of Markdown files

If you prefer for each notecard to a be an individual markdown file, use there a 'Zip of Markdown files' option.

As a raw JSON dump

When you export your files as markdown, not all of the metadata is exported with it. If you'd like the tag(s), color, parent and other metadata information to be exported please use a JSON export.

Via the API

If you are developer, you can use our open API to export any of your information that you like. For more information please read the api docs.

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