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Early Access Mobile Apps
Early Access Mobile Apps

How to get access to the iOS Testflight / Android Play apps

Updated over a week ago

Our new iOS and Android apps are currently in development and are in early access. If you'd like to use them before the official release you can enrol in the early access program over on our Downloads page.

What can I expect from these mobile apps?

Our mobile apps have been designed for both mobile devices (iPhones, Android phones) and tablets (iPads, Android tablets) in mind. They already have full feature-parity with our desktop and web applications. Development is now focused on testing and improving OS-specific functionality, like adding "Share to Supernotes" from within mobile browsers and more.

Why aren't these apps on the App Stores?

We are currently putting the finishing touches to the mobile apps, once we are happy with them we will launch them officially on the Apple App Store and Google Play stores – this will be soon!

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