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Narrow down your notes and find patterns

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Instantly narrow down the notecards you are viewing with Filters. This menu can be found in the top left beside the Noteboard title, or you can open it using "Cmd / Ctrl" + "F".

Note: if you're using the web app and would like to use the native browser search / replace, just press "Cmd / Ctrl" + "F" again.

Using Filters

When you open the Filters for the first time you will notice 'Not Invisible' is on, this is the case as Invisible cards are hidden from your view by default.

Enable / disable

Click on the name of a filter to enable / disable it.

Include / Exclude

Click on the icon of the filter to include / exclude it. e.g. if you wanted to hide all the cards that are tagged with '#uninteresting', click the hashtag.

Types of Filters

You can filter by a variety of different things...


The following filters are always present in the list.

  • Not Invisible (on by default) - cards marked as 'invisible'

  • Mine - cards you have authored

  • Liked - cards you have liked

  • Kept - cards you have kept

  • Priority - cards marked as 'priority'

  • Visible - cards marked as 'visible'

  • Shared (only available in parent cards) - cards which are shared within a parent

  • Archived (on by default & only available in parent cards) - cards archived within a parent.


Type any phrase and your first option will be to create this as a keyword filter – represented with a little search loop icon. This filter looks for an exact match within a card title and body and is case insensitive. You can also combine multiple keyword filters together.


If friends have shared cards with you, they will appear in the authors section represented with an '@' icon.


All the tags that you've used on your cards you can filter by. You can also instantly filter by a tag by clicking on it while a card is in 'Display' mode.


Filter by the 8 different colors that a card can have. Useful if you are using a color coding system.

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