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Quickly open this card search and command prompt

Updated over a week ago

Open the Universal Search by clicking the magnifying glass icon in the toolbar. This in the top left on larger screens, or on the center bottom for smaller devices. You can also use the keyboard shortcut: CTRL + K (CMD + K on macOS).

The Universal Search has a variety of different commands and functions:

  • Search for cards – we use a sophisticated relevancy algorithm to search the entirety of a card – title, content, tags, and other metadata all being used to provide super-relevant results. Search term matches are now highlighted for you so that you can immediately see why a card is appearing in the Universal Search results.

  • Search for popular commands – such as opening settings, going to home. We also display the keyboard shortcuts for these to make it even easier. If you have an idea for a new command that you'd like, please let us know over on the Community Forum.

  • Go to day – enter a date, and it will prompt you to go straight to that day and view the cards that were created / targeted for then.

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