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AI Superpowers

Use Collection Creator and Card Vision

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Our AI Superpowers, help you get arduous tasks done faster as well as prompting you with additional steps to help train you to become a better learner and note-taker. We don't have autocomplete as this goes against the philosophy of Supernotes, which is a tool to help you think better, not take shortcuts.

Before you get started

We carefully considered your privacy and security when implementing AI in Supernotes. First off, it's opt-in by default, you have to consent to the use of AI.

We also siloed the AI as much as possible so only the most necessary data is shared. This is usually just the card you are working on and your available tag library. We're currently using the GPT-4o data model by OpenAI.

Power Up in Two Ways

We have two Superpowers currently and these are only available for Unlimited members. Not an Unlimited member? Upgrade now.

Collection Creator

The Collection Creator helps you to quickly build a Custom Collection, which you can think of as an auto-updating folder with content (in this case cards) that match certain filters.

To get started click on the Collection Creation button in the top right of the sidebar on desktop (this is the Overview pane on Mobile).

Once you click this you will be presented with some pre-configured options, select the last option "Generate Collection" using AI Superpowers. This will open a prompt, for more examples see the custom collections page. But for this example we will try to find all my pasta recipes:

Make sure you restrict your prompt to filters that exist on Supernotes (Dates aren't filters and will cause Validation Errors). When you have a successful prompt it will automatically fill out all the information in the collection editor, you can modify this to your liking.

The best thing is that AI does all the hard work for you, making light work of the comprehensive filter schema we have on Supernotes. Don't worry if this seems overwhelming, you can also create Custom Collections manually by just applying regular filters and saving them.

And now, I have a new Pasta recipes Collection in the left-hand sidebar! 🎉

Any new cards I create that contain pasta and ingredients will now automatically be added to this Custom Collection. For more details on Custom Collections head over to it's main help page.

Card Vision

Once you've created a card you can check it with Card Vision. This helps you to add icons, add tags, improve titles and fix any grammar or spelling mistakes you might have missed.

You can open Card Vision while in Display Mode using the hotkey of Cmd / Ctrl + S, or by opening the card more options and clicking "Vision".

Once in Vision mode, you can click on any green element to toggle whether you want that edit or not. The reason you have to click each element is to help train your brain to think better. So if you're regularly mis-spelling a word or forgetting a tag that you should add – hopefully manually clicking on the element will help train you to no miss that next time. To apply you changes click "Confirm" in the bottom-right hand corner. As with all AI tools, Vision is brand-new and may need some more fine-tuning, if you notice anything off let us know using the in-app messenger or

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