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Add bi-directional links between cards

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Supernotes' bi-directional card linking system allows you to connect your knowledge easily and effectively, beyond using the hierarchy or tagging systems.

Creating Links

Manually Add Card Links

Creating a link to another card can be done via a submenu in the Universal Coupler, which as always can be opened with its shortcut (usually /) or by clicking the "+" button in the top right of a card. Once the Universal Coupler has been opened, the Link Coupler has a shortcut for accessing it, which is just pressing the caret key (^). Or you can just navigate to the Link coupler with your arrow keys / mouse / searching.

Once you've opened the Link Coupler, you will be given a list of all your cards which you can easily filter through using the search. When a card is selected, a markdown link is created for you wherever your cursor was in the card. As a card link looks just like a normal markdown link, you can even edit the name of the link if you'd like!

Clicking on a link when in "Display" mode will then immediately open that card in the Preview.

Turn selected text into a card link

If you have a word or phrase in a card you are editing that matches up with a card somewhere else, you can auto-fill a link to it. Highlight the word or phrase then open the Link Coupler using the (/) keybind or pressing + in the top right of a card (or on the mobile keyboard bar):


Backlinks are created automatically for you when you link one card to another (as above). In the card that has been linked to, there will be a quotation mark icon in the bottom right. Clicking it will show you a list of all the cards that have linked to the current card, and when the link was created. It will also show brief transclusion of where exactly in the other card the link occurred. As with the rest of the platform, all shortcuts and abilities related to card titles apply here. This can be seen above when the backlink button is clicked for the "Introductory Python" card.

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