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Categorise your cards for filtering

Updated over a week ago

Tags help you quickly sort your cards, so its good to get into a habit of using them. With conventional files you might have struggled to see repeating/connecting themes/topics. But with Supernotes you can just tag them!

All interaction with the tagging system currently happens via a submenu in the Universal Coupler, which as always can be opened with its shortcut (/ or \) or by clicking the "+" button in the top right of a card. Once the Universal Coupler has been opened, the Tag Coupler has a shortcut for accessing it, which is just pressing the hashtag key (#). Or you can just navigate to the Tag coupler with your arrow keys / mouse.

You will notice that you can change whether a tag is Shared or Private.

  • Shared tags can be seen by anyone who has access to that card (i.e. if you intend to share it in the future). If the tag you are adding is useful for everyone, such as '#summary', then add it as a public tag. Shared tags can only be added by people who have Editor+ permissions on a card.

  • Private tags can only be seen by you. This is useful for categorizing cards with labels personal to you. For example, if you find a particular topic difficult, you may want to tag that card with '#difficult'. Since that only applies to you it is a private tag that only you can see.

Removing Tags from a Card

You can remove a tag from a card anytime by clicking on it during edit mode, and then hitting 'Remove Tag'. Make sure to finish your card to confirm your changes.

Removing Tags from Your Account

The auto-suggested list of tags is generated from all the tags that are on any cards in your library. If you would like to remove a tag in this list please remove all instances of that particular tag and then refresh your page (or log out and back in) to remove it from the auto-suggested list.

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