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App Preferences

Personalize the visual and functional experience

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The App Preferences panel allows you to quickly change various settings related to the Supernotes platform, you can find it under Settings > App Preferences.

Most of these settings are synced across all your devices, so you only have to apply them once.

App Appearance

These preferences modify the default look and feel of the app:

Theme Mode

Choose between Day, Night, or Automatic (based on your OS settings)

Day Theme

The theme that will be used when your appearance mode is currently on Day

Night Theme

The theme that will be used when your appearance mode is currently on Night

Customize Behavior

These preferences the default interactions with the app:

Default Sort Order

Change which sort order you prefer your cards to be in by default. 'Home' and 'Junk' views will always be sorted by 'Recent' by default so you can discover new / edited cards.


Enable or disable spellcheck when editing, useful if you use Supernotes in a different / multiple languages at once.

Default Cursor Position

Dictates whether the cursor starts in the Title or the Body of a card when you create a new one.

Quick Couple Key

Allows you to customize the keyboard shortcut for accessing the Universal Coupler in edit mode.

Start Week On

Should weeks within Supernotes start on Monday or Sunday? The choice is yours.

Date Format

Switch between dates being formatted as Day/Month/Year and Month/Day/Year. This is used for the natural language input when searching for dates in the Universal Search or titling cards with Date Targeted automatically being applied.

New Card Visibility

When new cards are created, should they default to being Priority cards that appear in the sidebar outline? If you would prefer not, you can set change this to be Visible.


Regular means that when you single click on a card's name it opens that card in the Preview, while a double-click opens that card in the Noteboard. Inverted does the reverse. Useful for people that generally don't open cards in the Preview and most of the time just want a card to open in the Noteboard when they click it.

Indent Type

Choose between Tabs, Two Spaces and Four Spaces whenever you indent a line with your tab key (or holding down the right caret cursor > on the Keyboard Editbar on Mobile)

Render Mermaid

Setting this to "Enabled" causes Mermaid Diagrams to be rendered by default whenever cards are displayed. "Disabled" is the default as rendering too many Mermaid diagrams can have performance implications.


These preferences improve the accessibility of the app:

Card Font Scaling

Change the font size of the card content (applies to current device only)

High Contrast Mode

Highlight focused elements and increase contrast for better interactivity

Feature Previews

These preferences activate new experimental features within Supernotes, this section is only available for Unlimited subscribers. More on feature previews is available here.

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