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Supernotes has the ability to integrate with the messaging app Telegram in order to provide an easy way to quickly add notes to your Supernotes collection throughout the day.

Getting started is super easy!

  1. Download Telegram

  2. Go to the Integrations page within your Supernotes account

  3. Click "Telegram bot"

The integrations modal on Supernotes

After that, you should be automatically authenticated within Telegram. Now when you send messages to the Supernotes Bot on Telegram, these messages will automatically be added as cards in Supernotes.

All cards created by the Telegram bot will have the #telegram tag added to them to ensure they are easy to find.


There are two modes: "new" and "daily".

  • "new" will create a new card every time you send a message to the Telegram chat, doing its best to create a useful title for you.

  • "daily" will append whatever messages you send to the bot to the same card throughout the day. At the start of a new day, the first message you send to the bot will be used to create a new card, with that day's date as the title.


There are two formats: "text" and "todo".

  • "text" will just insert the text into cards as-is, without any modifications.

  • "todo" will prepend your message with Markdown todo list syntax, so that you can quickly create a daily checklist throughout the day.


When your card creation mode is set to "daily", Supernotes always creates a daily card for you with the name of that card being the relevant date.

However, if your mode is set to "new", then a new card is created each time and it can be given a title!

There are two naming options: "auto" and "none".

  • "auto" will send the content of your message to OpenAI's service, which will automatically attempt to create a relevant title based on the contents of the message.

  • "none" will avoid this, and instead just create any new cards as untitled.

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