Targeted Date

Override the date created of cards

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Every card has three user-facing date properties, Date Created, Last Edited and Targeted Date. You can sort you cards by all three of these date properties. Targeted Date is a property unique to Supernotes as it allows you to override the creation date of a card, useful for things like Daily.

Auto-assigning Targeted Date

When you're writing down your ideas sometimes you might be writing a notecard ahead of time, like a new meeting on Wednesday. By writing 'Wednesday', or 'June 6th' etc. in the title, this is recognised by Supernotes as a date and auto-assigns the Targeted Date to be the upcoming Wednesday.

Dates are recognized using natural language within the card titles, so they will auto-assign the card to be on that day (this only happens the first time if the Targeted Date property is initially empty).

Removing Targeted Date

You can remove a Targeted Date of a card, by clicking the ellipsis (...) button on a card and then the edit button next to Targeted.

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