Link directly within the Supernotes app using custom app protocols

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Deeplinks, or custom app link protocols, offer a streamlined way to interact with the Supernotes application, whether on mobile or desktop platforms. These protocols allow users to directly access various functions within the app through specific URLs. Below are the currently supported deeplinks for Supernotes:

  • supernotes://open - This command launches the Supernotes application.

  • supernotes://new - Use this to initiate a new, blank card within the application.

  • supernotes://card_id=ENTER_CARD_ID_HERE - This enables the opening of a specific card by replacing ENTER_CARD_ID_HERE with the actual card ID.

  • supernotes://ANY_VALID_WEB_APP_PATH - This protocol can open any valid web application path, including...

    • v/card/CARD_ID - view selected card in the noteboard

    • v/daily/2024-04-06 - view day in the noteboard (leaving the date out resorts to today)

    • v/collection/home - view collection in the noteboard (such as home, thoughts or tasks)

While these protocols cover a range of functionalities, their use is intentionally limited. For more complex tasks such as card creation or modification, we encourage the use of our API, which provides a single source of truth and a comprehensive approach to automation. For further details on the API, you can visit Supernotes Developer Portal.

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