Universal Coupler

Add elements to a card

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When you want to add some content or features to a card that isn't pure text, the place to go is the Universal Coupler, which can be accessed while editing a card by pressing the default shortcut (/) or by clicking the "+" button in the top right corner of a card in edit mode.

Once the Universal Coupler is open, you are given a number of options to choose from, which are:

  • Tag – Add one or more tags to a card

  • Parent – Add one or more parents to a card

  • Link – Add an internal bi-directional link (i.e. link to another Supernotes card)

  • Image – Upload an image

  • Icon – Add an icon to the card

  • Template – Create or insert a template

  • Emoji – Insert an emoji into the card

  • Color – Change the color of the card

Modifying the Coupler Key

There is an option to customize and record a new "Coupler Key" shortcut in the User Preferences.

Typing the Coupler's Shortcut as Text

Sometimes you just want to type a forward (or backward) slash. In those cases, you have two options:

  • Press ESC – this will close the Coupler and insert any text you typed into it (including the shortcut)

  • Press SPACE – this will close the coupler and insert the shortcut + a space.

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