12 different ways to order your cards

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Quickly sort cards by clicking on the Noteboard title button in the top left then clicking on the "Sort by..." sub-menu to switch between the options:

Twelve Different ways to Sort

You have twelve different sorts to choose from and your sorting preference will be remembered between views.

  • Recent

  • Alphabetical

  • Manual

  • Creation Date

  • Last Edited

  • Targeted Date

  • Child Count

  • Parent Count

  • Backlink Count

  • Permissions

  • Content Length

  • Random

You can reverse a sort order from Ascending to Descending using the switch in the top right of the menu.

If you want to change the sort order even more quickly, there's a 'Sort' sub-command in the Universal Search. Just press 'Cmd / Ctrl' + 'K' to open the Universal Search, type 'Sort', hit enter and then quickly select the sort you'd like.

Manual Sorting

Before you start, make sure you select Manual sorting mode โ€“ this order is preserved and synced between your devices.

Then click and drag on a card title and drop it between the cards you like it to go! Simple as that, this works in both List view and Broadsheet View.

If you forget to enter Manual sort mode, and try to drop a card between other cards; a helpful notification will remind you and you can click on it to enter Manual sort mode.

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