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Advanced Editing Techniques
Advanced Editing Techniques
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For power users that really want to get the most of out of the editor, there are a couple extra features that can really boost your productivity.

Multi-cursor Support

Generally when you are editing a card, you only need one cursor. Put some content in, take some content out – easy. But sometimes there are situations where the ability to have multiple cursors is actually very useful. There are three ways to turn your single cursor into multiple:

  1. holding down CTRL (CMD on macOS) while clicking somewhere in the card, which creates an additional cursor at the clicked spot

  2. pressing CMD/CTRL+D while you have some content selected – this selects the next occurrence of the selected content, e.g. if you have the word "day" selected, pressing CMD+D (on a mac) will select the next occurrence of "day" in addition to the already selected fragment. Pressing CMD+D again will select the 3rd occurrence of "day" and so on.

  3. pressing CMD/CTRL+SHIFT+D while you have some content selected – this selects all occurrences of the selected content in one go.

As an example of when this might be useful, let's say you have a list of 10 items which is just a basic list (using "- "), but now you've realized that actually you want this list to be a checklist (using "- [ ] "). This is where multi-cursor can come in very handy. You can select the first list mark "- ", press CMD+SHIFT+D, then edit all the other occurrences at once. Here is a gif to illustrate exactly this in practice:

And when you want to collapse your cursor from many back down to one, just press ESC.

Moving/Duplicating/Editing Lines with Shortcuts

Sometimes when you're editing a card you want to quickly move entire lines around, duplicate them, delete them, or various other fun things! For example if you're working on a list of animals like the one above and you want to change their order to indicate priority. Luckily in the Super Editor there are shortcuts for all these things!

  • Alt + ArrowUp – Move current line up

  • Alt + ArrowDown – Move current line down

  • Shift + Alt + ArrowUp – Copy current line above

  • Shift + Alt + ArrowDown – Copy current line down

  • Alt + L (Ctrl + L on macOS) – Select Line

  • Shift + Ctrl + K (Shift + Cmd + K on macOS) – Delete line

Watch as the list above gets edited with these shortcuts.

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