Text Indentation

Markdown doesn't support plaintext indentation, here's why

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Plain text Indentation

Markdown (the format Supernotes is based on), does not support text indentation, the renderer will remove any whitespace at the beginning of a line. If you indent a line with over four spaces, Markdown treats this as a codeblock (but we might remove this in the future favour of just removing the indentation since we prefer the three backtick syntax for code blocks)

List Indentation

Indenting unordered and ordered lists on Supernotes is supported. You may indent list items like so:

- Item 1
- Item 2
- Subitem 2.1
- Subitem 2.2
- Item 3

Mobile App Top Tip: On the keyboard editbar, if you hold down the left (<) and right (>) carets, they will indent / outdent the current line.

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