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Cards that are no longer relevant to you

Updated over a week ago

If a card is no longer relevant, whether it was a draft or a card someone shared with you. You can Junk it by opening the 'More Actions' panel using the Ellipsis on the bottom right of a card, and then click 'Junk'. This sends it to the Junk collection, and is a reversible action!

Note: unlike other systems, if you Junk a parent card that has child cards "inside" of it, the child cards will not be junked as well. This is partly because of how multi-parent hierarchies work on Supernotes. Because a card can exist in multiple parents, deleting a parent card is does not mean you want to delete its children as well.

Once you've junked some cards, uou can navigate to your 'Junk', using the option residing below your 'Card Tree' in the Sidebar. Once in Junk, cards are read only and cannot be edited. From there you have two or three actions (depending on your role):


You can restore any card in your Junk, but make sure you have not reached your 'card count'. As soon as you restore a card, it will be immediately be 'Kept'. 

Remove for Me

If you no longer want to associate with a card, you can "Remove for Me". This will only delete it for you and not for other members of the card. It is recommended that Authors use this option, to prevent other members from losing access. You can always re-join the card in the future with the Share Code.

Delete for Everyone (Authors only)

You can delete a card for everyone, if you are the author of the card. This is an irreversible action and cannot be undone. We advise you to only do this if you have not shared this with anyone else and if the card's content will no longer be needed in the future.

Empty Junk

You can delete all the cards in your Junk, using the "Empty Junk" button when you click or tap Junk in the top left:

This action is irreversible. You can combine this with Multi-select to quickly Junk All and then Delete All your cards if you want to start afresh.

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