Roles & Permissions

Complete control over who can access your notes

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When you share a card, you can assign a role to the new member of the card. Since members can view shared child cards their permissions can also be inherited. There are six different roles someone can have on a card:


The original creator of a card. This cannot be changed. 

  • Always retain the card even if it is cut from a parent (i.e. all of an author's cards are automatically 'kept').

  • Assign all user roles, and promote/demote moderators

  • Cannot be demoted

You will know if you are the original author of a card as the edit button will display a pencil icon.


The reviewer and curator of the members and child cards.


The editor of the current card. Cannot change member roles.

  • Edit the card content

  • Manage comments (incl. deleting other users) 

  • Shared Tag management


The best way to collaborate with someone, allowing them to add cards but not edit your content.

  • Sharing new child cards within this parent card

  • Cutting cards they added within this parent card


Share your cards with others without worry of any additions or changes. Things they can do:

  • Liking

  • Personal tag management

  • Adding this card to another parent

  • Adding a child card as private (not able to share with others)

  • Leave (the card)

You can also "Remove Member" from the card if you would like to revoke their access. The edit button will have a different icon depending on you role on the card.

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