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Linux app authentication
Linux app authentication

Depending on your distro authentication might not work first time

Updated over a week ago

Supernotes for Linux works on all major distros, including Ubuntu, Arch and more. In order to install our desktop app, please go to our download page and download the correct version for your device.

Then install App Image Launcher, and make sure to "Integrate and Run" when launching Supernotes for the first time – this adds supernotes:// custom app link support to your OS which is required for authentication.


If you are having issues logging in a notification will most likely pop up mentioning that the deep link check has failed. You can click this Toast to “override” the check and this will open the following link in your browser, Please try this link and see if it works.

If you can log in via your browser but the app is not launching once authenticated successfully please check your browser 'Applications' settings, beside "Supernotes" choose always ask and then you can select ‘System Handler’.

If it still isn’t working please uninstall the app, download it fresh from And then press ‘Integrate and Run’ when you open the app image for the first time.

If your Linux desktop app continues to not work, please get in touch with us using the in-app messenger on the web app or mobile app. Or email us at and we will help you further.

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