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External Links

Add external links to resources, webpages and more

Updated over a week ago

As soon as you paste a link in Supernotes, it will automatically recognise it and format it for you in Markdown so you don't have to. It will look like this:

[Name of Link]( 

The first part in square brackets,  [ ]  , is the name and the second part in parentheses,  ( )  , is the URL. If you have a habit of getting this syntax mixed up, it's easy to remember with the following:

  • Square brackets [ ] are associated with straight edged TEXT

  • Round parentheses ( ) are associated with a round URL

  • [TEXT] is before (URL) in the dictionary so [TEXT](URL)

As you can see in the example below, when the link is pasted the page title is fetched from the URL, you can then edit this title to whatever you like.

Note: make sure the url always includes https:// otherwise the link will be treated as an internal Supernotes link.

Pro Tip

You can select text, and then paste a url over it to magically format it into an external link like so:

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