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I'm missing a card!

Here's what to do if you can't find a card.

Updated over a week ago

On a rare occasion you may have trouble locating a card you wrote, or the app might not load your cards after an update. First of all, don't worry – your data is safe with us, here's a few steps to help you find get everything back:

Every card you have access to can be found in your Home, so navigate over to there and have a look. Make sure your sort is set to 'Recent' or 'Last Edited' – if you view your cards in another sort order, sometimes new cards will be hiding in amongst other cards.

If you still have no luck, check the filters and make sure none of them are active, as you may be unintentionally hiding it! Conversely, the filters also support full-text search, so you quickly filter for keywords if you have a lot of cards. 

Check your junk

It's happened a couple times, where users have accidentally junked a card and not realised. Fortunately, it's super easy to find and restore these cards, just head over to Junk.

Check your Sync Status

Click on your User icon (either on the bottom left on Desktop, or top right on Mobile). And the bottom of the menu it will display your current sync status. Please click it and it will open up a little pop-up which will force a resync.

Sign out and the sign back in

This pulls fresh data from our servers and makes sure that everything is up to date. You can also try signing in on the web app if you're having particular issues with the mobile or desktop app.

Still having no luck? Contact us using the in-app messenger and we will be on hand quickly to help you.

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