User Preferences

Change various visual and functional aspects of your Supernotes experience from the User Preferences panel

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The User Preferences panel allows you to quickly change various settings related to the Supernotes platform.

Visual Changes

  • Appearance – choose between Day, Night, or Automatic (based on your OS settings)

  • Day Theme – the theme that will be used when your appearance mode is currently on Day

  • Night Theme – the theme that will be used when your appearance mode is currently on Night

  • Card Font Scaling – change the font size of the card content (applies to current device only)

  • Solo Mode – Turn Solo Mode on to disable collaboration features in the interface for a less-cluttered experience if you are only ever using Supernotes on your own.

Functional Changes

  • Default Cursor Position – dictates whether the cursor starts in the Title or the Body of a card when you create a new one

  • Quick Couple Key – allows you to swap between / and \ as the two shortcut options for accessing the Universal Coupler in edit mode.

  • Start Week On – should weeks within Supernotes start on Monday or Sunday? The choice is yours.

  • Default Sort Order – change which sort order you prefer your cards to be in by default. 'Home' and 'Junk' views will always be sorted by 'Recent' by default so you can discover new / edited cards.

  • Spellcheck – enable or disable spellcheck when editing, useful if you use Supernotes in a different / multiple languages at once.

  • New Card Visibility – When new cards are created, should they default to being Priority cards that appear in the sidebar outline? If you would prefer not, you can set change this to be Visible.

  • ClickbindingsRegular means that when you single click on a card's name it opens that card in the Preview, while a double-click opens that card in the Noteboard. Inverted does the reverse. Useful for people that generally don't open cards in the Preview and most of the time just want a card to open in the Noteboard when they click it.

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